Of course, Blogmas was an absolute fail yet again this year. However, on the bright side, I did make a lot more post than I thought I would. School is such a blessing yet so time-consuming and I was way in over my head. Trying to balance finals and writing was the actual hunger games all over again. And of course, finals won. Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoyed the posts I was able to make. Switching gears I wanted to talk about 2018 in this post. As it draws to a close I figured it was a perfect time to reflect on the year. Or so I thought so initially. Yet, the more I contemplated that idea it suddenly became apparent that it just wasn’t something I wanted to write about.

After all, I think we can all collectively agree that this was one of the worst years ever. Yet, if you somehow were lucky enough to have an awesome year then yay! For some of us, it was quite difficult. This year, I came face to face with depression, ended a longterm relationship, became a Tinder University ambassador, had a health scare, failed at a magnitude of things, but above all I lived and most certainly learned. With all of that I am grateful for the experiences of this year but am also very happy it is ending soon.

The most iconic saying of the year was by far “thank you, next” which was given to us by our queen Ariana Grande. A phrase I have used in my vocabulary far too much since the release of the song. So to 2018, thank you, next.

With the rise of 2019, I am so excited about all my dreams and wishes finally coming true! When I visited New York to film a couple of weeks back I was able to write a “confetti wish” while in Times Square which was powered by Planet Fitness. Every year when the ball drops confetti is released into the air and streets of Times Square and fun fact it’s actually people’s wishes. How cool is that? If you somehow are able to go to New York before NYE I definitely recommend you making a wish of your own! You may not be physically there in Times Square at midnight but your wish will be. Here is a short clip of some confetti wishes:

NYE Confetti Wishes

Cheers to growth 🌱

I think for a long time I was stagnant and very content with the way things were in my life. What 2018 did was put me in a series of uncomfortable situations. Which in the end, showed me that I needed to push myself out of this “routine of life” I created. In 2019, I plan on growing as a person and applying all the lessons I learned from this year and letting them shape me for the better. This year you’ll see a happier and more importantly healthier Alexis. I plan on going full force into my fitness journey and will ultimately, start to do things that make me happy again! So stay tuned for not a new me but an improved me.

Cheers to a bright future and the road ahead🎓

As many of you know I will be graduating from Rutgers University this spring. Which will be one of my greatest accomplishments to date. College has been by far the most challenging experience but the most rewarding. These past four years have flew by and I can’t believe the end is finally near. I’m super anxious about what the future has in store for me but I know it will be very bright and truly successful.

Cheers to new projects and rebranding 🦉

There is also a lot of new rebranding that will happen with Alexis Hoots in 2019. When I first launched this blog in 2016 it was simply hobby. Yet here we are and it is much more than that. It started in my dorm room and I never really though it would take off this far. However, to date I have readers in over 20 different countries. I, often times, have people tell me they love what I write or how relatable something was that I said. Those kind words always remind me of how much this blog means to me and why it has been one of the best parts of my life. With that being said, I wanted to find a new way to venture off into something really new and different. Which will further expand the Alexis Hoots brand. So be on the lookout for that in the new year as well. It’s only up from here!

I’m curious to know what you are looking forward to in 2019.

Until next time! 🦉

Love Owlways,