Did I ever mention that I am a forgetful person? I totally forgot to post this yesterday. So today will be a double post for Blogmas so I can stay caught up and not fall behind.

      Tags are super popular right now on the internet. So many people are creating boyfriend tags,  get to know me tags, and more!  I thought I switch things up and make a Blogmas tag! Where I answer common questions about the holidays. It lets you all get to know me a little bit better but also what I love or hate about the holidays. Welcome to Blogmas Day 3 🎄

1)  Q: What’s your favorite Christmas song?
A: This is actually a pretty hard question because I really love Christmas music. However, one song that I can listen to on repeat is definitely MisItletoe by JB. 

2) Q: What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
A: My all-time favorite Christmas movie now and forever is the Polar Express. Let me know if that’s your favorite Christmas movie too because we can have a  movie night together.

3) Q: Are you good or bad at wrapping presents?
A: I seemed to have watched hundreds of YouTube videos on how to wrap a present but somehow, I still suck at it. Fun fact: My mom is actually a  PRO at wrapping presents and it’s truly unfair.

4) Do you wake up early on Christmas Day or have a lie in?                               When I was younger I would wake up super early and bug my parents to open gifts. I am now an adult and nothing has changed. 

5) Q: Do you give/ receive any yearly gifts?
Yes! It’s a staple for my mom to buy my sister and me coats for the winter. She also buys the family socks and Pj’s! 

6)  Q: Have you got a New Years resolution yet?
Yes – I’m always thinking ahead but I want a lot of things to happen for me in 2019! I’ll be making an NYE post about what my resolutions are. 

7) Q: Are you dressy or pj’s on Christmas Day?
I usually wear my PJs’ until about 1pm then I change into dressy clothes and head out. 

8) Q: What’s for Christmas dinner?
Italian food is what my family usually eats for Christmas dinner. 

9) Q: What’s on your wish list this year?
I definitely want a Canon Mirrorless Camera.

10) Q: When does your tree and decorations go up?
Right after Thanksgiving ends my tree and decorations usually go up. I love Thanksgiving and feel it deserves to not be overshadowed by Christmas.

11) Q: What age did you stop believing?
Stop believing? Never. The Polar Express taught me one thing: The bell still rings for all who truly believe. 

12) Are you a Christmas fanatic?

13) What is on top of your Christmas tree? 
Angel – always an angel 👼🏾

14) Gingerbread or Candy Canes? 
Definitely, gingerbread because I love gingerbread houses and can’t wait to make one this year! 

15) What is your favorite Christmas scent?
It would have to be Winter Candy Apple. I love love love the smell of it!

Love Owlways,