Room Tour

COME IN – I’m Awesome!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Your probably thinking “Alexis, its not Christmas?” No,  it’s not but it’s  Back to School season!  For the past two years I lived in an apartment and never shared it with  all of you. This year I thought I give you a virtual tour. I love love love decorating my apartment. Not only that but I like seeing how others decorate their apartments/ dorm rooms as well. The way you decorate can be a reflection of yourself and your personality which is something I’ve always found really cool.

I am a senior in college and honestly it’s surreal. It feels like a year ago I was just moving into a dorm room as freshman. Here I am four years later- moving in for the last time! For the past three years, I had a dorm room that was very “loud”. My dorm room featured colors like a bright peach, shocking turquoise, and really fun patterns! This year I wanted to change my room and make it more adult like.  Whatever that really  means because I’m still a kid at heart. So I chose colors like blush pink, grey, white, and  gold. As for a theme I’m not sure what you would call my space. I love all things chic but I’m also am a lover of all things realxing. So I wanted to combine the two and it came out pretty well!  Everything in my room was bought from the following stores: Dollar Tree (Whattt?), Five Below (Say What???), Marshalls, TJMaxx, Target, IKEA, and Amazon.  In this post, I’ll highlight some of my favorite parts of my room! I’ve also linked certain items for your reference in case you wanted to purchase anything you see  in my room that you loved, loved,loved! Sound good? 

Ok, let’s take a look around!


My favorite thing in my room to date is my bed.  For so long  I’ve always  wanted a white comforter. This white comforter is a bit different from the average because it has such subtle detailing of ruffles.  When I realized that there was no way it could stay in the store. So of course I purchased it and paired it with some throw pillows. If it’s anything I learned about room decor is that pillows can make a world of difference. On my bed I decided to pair two rectangle blush faux fur throw pillows with one  square grey one. You can purchase the same grey throw pillows here. 

wall decor

Wall decor will always transform your room. I’ll let you in on a little secret. You can create wall decor very easily and for a low cost. Simply  print out stock photos + quotes from Pinterest or online. Find the ones you like the most, print them out, and then place them in a Dollar Store frame. You can even spray paint the frames to match your overall look and style of your space.   All together it will cost you less than $10 (depending on how many prints you have of course) However, I encourage you all to try it out!  

The prints on my wall are all from Burlington, Hobby Lobby and Five Below. My favorite thing  on my wall that I currently  love love love is my Pom Pom Dreamcatcher.  I’ll never have nightmares again.


As you all know I am a bit of an owl lover. So naturally I wanted to add an owl or two or three in my room.  I settled for one porcelain owl on my night stand. A wired lamp keeps my room dim during the night time and my cactus waterfall keeps me feeling peaceful and relaxed. 

Office Space

Moving on over to my desk which acts as both my workspace + vanity.  On my desk you can find desk supplies to hold my textbooks, syllabus, pens + pencils! All of these items were purchased at Marshalls in their home office section. My favorite thing on my desk are my flamingos because they serve as a reminder to always stand out.

Always Remember: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss 

We’ve come to the end of my virtual room tour! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and if you liked anything let me know in the comments below. Talk soon! 

Love You Owlways,