Gallow Green


GUESS WHAT, I’m finally 21! Unfortunately, being in college puts a damper on my birthday because it always falls around finals week. So  I never really get the chance to fully celebrate it. Unfortunately, this happened once again. So I spent half of my birthday at Cheesecake Factory with a close friend {super fun time} and the second half at an Ecology study session with my professor and classmates {boring}.

So a month later I found myself in New York celebrating my birthday with some close friends and having the best Sunday ever.

I’ve always wanted to do  brunch in the city and my dreams finally came true at Gallow Green. Which is one of the most popular rooftop bar and restaurant the city has to offer. When you first arrive you enter a dim elevator which takes you to the most magical place ever. The restaurant is filled with gorgeous plants and has a rustic feel with a giant swing, wooden tabes and benches. Did I mention there is a  gorgeous bar and pathway? Which is a great opportunity for you to get drinks and amazing  photo op.

Gallow Green doesn’t just have great food but there are so many instagramable moments here. There is a brunch and dinner option at the restaurant. I went to brunch on Sunday from 2:00- 4:00pm and it was $43.00 per person which covered both gratuity and tax. You can set up reservations prior to coming in right from your computer and pay  before hand. This is a great option for larger parties because splitting checks can be a hassle! After you eat your brunch you can take your pictures, take in the rooftop view, and enjoy a wonderful day in the city.

Your $43.00 will get you a buffet style brunch that includes organic fried chicken, AMAZING french toast, bacon, shrimp cocktails, salmon, greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and so much more! The food is delicious so eat as much as your stomach can take.

Both my friends and I enjoyed our time at Gallow Green because it was unlike any place we had ever experienced. We were in the “concrete jungle” but it didn’t feel like it because we were surrounded by this gorgeous garden in the middle of it all. Beautiful wouldn’t be the correct word to describe Gallow Green because it is so much more than that. With live music, great ambiance, and food it is the perfect way to spend your weekend.

Experiencing Gallow Green during the day was such an amazing opportunity  but I vowed I would go back to experience it at night. With countless string lights hanging from the roof I can only imagine how much better it is during the nighttime.  Enough of me talking about it… it’s time for you to experience it!

Until next time! Talk soon.

Love Owlways,


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