Hi! I haven’t written a post in such a long time. I came back from hiding to tell you all about these new handmade soaps I’ve been trying…LOVING. After attending an event in Philadelphia I was introduced to Mahogany Essentials.  Which is a company based out of Pennsylvania that creates body/face essentials for your everyday use.

Prior to Mahogany Essentials, I never tried handmade soaps before. So I was interested to see how washing up in an all natural soap would be versus with a soap like Dove. I had the pleasure to try three different natural soaps- Ginger Lime Salt, Oatmeal Milk & Honey,  and White Tea.  All soaps are priced at $7 and some are even priced at $6! Which is super affordable for all the great benefits you’ll be receiving from using these handmade soaps!

Some of the ingredients I’m loving in these soaps are Coconut Milk, Hazelnut, Oatmeal, Charcoal and Herbal Botanicals. Each ingredient is placed in the products to ultimately help your skin instead of stripping away your natural oils! These soaps will exfoliate your skin, lock in moisture, and give you an unforgettable cleanse.

So the question is should you start using handmade soaps? The answer…. of course. It’s time to treat the skin your in. What I love about this company is that they curate  more than just soaps but also have scrubs (body & lip), lip balms, candles and lotions/ body whip. PLUS for all the men that read my blog- they’ve got you covered with gentlemen essentials. Which will help all your beards flourish!


My skin has been thanking me after using these handmade soaps!  The lather is so rich and smooth and when applied to the skin feels so good. My skin feels so soft and cleansed at the end of all my showers!  I almost forgot to mention how good these soaps smell. WOW- Ginger Lime Salt will have your entire bathroom smelling so refreshing after all your showers, I promise! Get your essential products today.

Until next time! Talk soon.

Love Owlways,

Alexis 🦉

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