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Dating A Computer Is Hard

I love Valentine’s Day because it’s a day dedicated just for love and really let’s you appreciate those around you. Whether that be your S.O, family, or your gals! Unfortunately, it wasn’t until recently that Valentine’s Day wasn’t the happiest time for me.

By now, I hope I reeled you in with this title and your curious about what this post is about. If you know what I’m about to write about then wow, you’re good!So, I date a computer? Yes, that’s true. In fact, I date a computer for a significant amount of time throughout the year. Some of you might think I’m crazy but I promise I’m not.


Right now, I am currently in a “LDR”, long distance relationship. I have been in one for a couple of years now. Often times, people think that long distance means you date someone that is 1,756 miles away, but it also can mean that you date someone who is 78 miles away. The difference between those numbers are quiet significant in size. However, when you don’t see someone every day and have to rely on Facetime calls the miles apart suddenly doesn’t matter. Every mile apart is too much.

This is my boyfriend Tyler. 

Let’s get to know him a little bit better before we move on with the post.

  1. He is currently a junior at Temple University located in Philadelphia, PA.
  2. At Temple he majors in Sports Management and he dreams of becoming an Athletic Director  one day.
  3. We are completely opposite from each other yet somehow the same.
  4. Tyler  only gets burritos at our favorite place, Chipotle. He even makes jokes about how I get a salad EVERY TIME we go.
  5. He’s a lover of all things sports and can watch Sports Center all day if you let him.
  6. Family means everything to him and he will do absolutely anything for them.
  7. He’ll pick sweatpants over jeans any day of the week  because  to him they are just  more comfortable.
  8. His favorite color is black.
  9. If he had to pick one food to live off of for the rest of his life it would be pizza.
  10. He sucks at texting but if you ask him he’d say otherwise.
  11. Did I mention he is a die hard Yankees fan? #PINSTRIPEPRIDE

How We Met?

Tyler and I met freshman year of high school. I was the new girl in school and just recently moved from my hometown. At the time, there was a boarding school I wanted to go to instead of my local high school. There were times when I would turn around in our Freshman Seminar class and talk about the school with him. He would always say  that I was never going to go there and of course, I was so sure that I was. Fast forward, three years later and I was walking across the stage and graduating from a school I was supposed to leave from.

We sometimes joke and reminisce about our first interactions with each other. I was the new girl with the glasses and “suede boots” if you let him tell it. He was the popular guy everyone knew if you let me tell it. At the time he was on the varsity football team as a freshman and I mean if that’s not cool then I don’t know what is.  My initial impression of him was that  he was just way too cool for me and I was so out of his league. There wasn’t ever a time when I thought we would end up together but life clearly had a different plan for us.

After we graduated high school we went on to attend college in the same city, Philadelphia. Freshman year was challenging for me on multiple levels. When certain circumstances arose I made the decision to ultimately come back home and attend college in the state that I lived. That decision brought its own challenges but as always I pushed through them. With Tyler staying in Philadelphia and me coming back home it took our relationship on a different course.

In some ways, it helped our relationship grow. We went through a lot  but name a couple who hasn’t. These past few years have brought obstacles for the both of us but none that we haven’t been able to conquer together. Which is why long distance is so hard but in the same breath, the most beautiful thing in this world.  It really shows you how strong you are as couple and also as individuals.  There are so much things that could break you but it doesn’t have to if you don’t allow it.

How We Make It Work?


I think communication is by far the most important thing when dealing with a LDR but a relationship in general. Your not there with the person so talking to each other is vital. You want to know how their day is going, what they ate for dinner, what they are doing, etc.

Lately, Tyler and I have been communicating through Snapchat which is super weird because  before we used to text majority of the time. However, I’ve come to realize that texting is BORING.  I think Snapchat is more interactive because you get both the visuals and words to go with it. I’ll snap him a picture of me in class or on the line to get lunch and he’ll snap back and we just find that works for us.

Add me on snapchat! lexis-nexis

We of course also FaceTime and I’ll admit sometimes being on FaceTime actually makes me sad.  It’s a reminder of the distance. In some ways, it’s torture because you can physically see their movements and what they are doing but your not there with them. Some days it can be a little frustrating for me but I try not to let it bother me too much. We usually FaceTime everyday if we can.

Why It’s Hard?

There are three things that make can make it  “hard” sometimes.

Trust: This is really put the test because you may really think you trust each other and maybe you do.  Yet, there will be times when you second guess if what they said was true. Did he really go to the library after class? Is she really hanging out with the girls? Like any relationship without trust there is no relationship because it’s so essential. So when those “trust issues” arise you have to fight them off.

Jealously: I realize that you may not be a jealous person but when your dating someone who is far away that jealously can kick in. You become jealous that certain people get to see your S.O everyday and you don’t. Sometimes you question others and their intentions. (This has happened to me many times before) You feel like you know how awesome your S.O is and you think hey, does this girl think the same? Haha believe me it may cross your mind maybe once or twice.

Patience: Tyler has a really busy schedule and is involved in a lot on campus. With that being said it makes him unavailable sometimes. If I have something going on he’s usually one of the first people I call and when he can’t talk…. it’s sad. Sometimes when you want to tell someone good news or get advice and it says “FaceTime Unavailable” your just so upset about it. So you really need to have patience when it comes to things like that.


Thanks for reading our LDR story. If you are in a LDR we’re all in this together! I was channeling my love for High School Musical there. If   your planning on getting into a LDR it’s work but it’s worth it.Also If you are in a LDR, have advice, or just want to say hey  I’d love to hear what you have to say! So leave a  comment down below.


Happy Valentine’s Day again!  Love you all so very much xx


Talk soon.

Love You Owlways,

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