I remember walking into your apartment and seeing a girl so drunk she could barely stand. She was stumbling and barely conscience. That immediately concerned me and all my attention was suddenly on her. I walked into your room to ask you how she was getting home一 you ignored me. Instead you pushed me onto your bed and threw your body on top of me. You reached for the zipper on my jeans and I felt paralyzed. I began begging for you to get off of me, you didn’t listen. You started kissing my neck, running your fingers down my body, and whispering things into my ear. I was stuck there, helpless and full of fear. Thinking that this was the night that everything would change. Suddenly, the door opened. It was your roommate. You panicked and suddenly got off of me because now you were scared. I ran toward the door and remembered thinking wow, he just saved my life. 

All I wanted was for her to get home safe but in turn that put me in harm’s way and that thought alone is unimaginable. To this day, it is discomforting to think about. I never found out about the girl who had too many drinks. Did she ever get home? Did something horrible happen to her? All I know is that I got away and I can only hope that she did too.  

 When the #MeToo movement started, I was so taken back by how many women had gone through similar experiences with sexual violence and sexual assault. Sometimes when you are faced in these situations, you think you’re alone. I’m here to tell you that you’re not. Approximately 17,700,00 women have experienced the same thing. These women are your friends, family members, peers, celebrities, etc. The #MeToo movement shows us how we are all connected and determined to support each other no matter the circumstance. Each of us were given a voice and when you combine them together  and add courage plus support, it makes us unstoppable. We have the power to change the world.

    “When you hear #MeToo, will you stand up to say #NoMore?”

                         – Tarana Burke

(Founder of the #MeToo Movement) 

Nassar’s Trial ⚖️

     Originally, I wanted to shed light on the recent case regarding Larry Nassar and how I feel about him personally.  Then I thought about it, Rachael Denhollander, Mattie Larson, Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, Jordyn Wieber,and so many more matter to me not Lawerence Nassar. These army of survivors deserve to be talked about not their abuser, a monster who disgusts me.

   These strong, powerful, courageous women endured so much pain and were able to take down Larry Nassar by using their voice to say enough is enough. That what’s important. That is what should be discussed. It is because of these army of survivors  that the future for  young girls and women are brighter. They  do not have to go through the same experiences with this monster disguised as a “doctor”. Sometimes I think how it’s such an amazing time to be alive because we are living in era for change. With so many movements  ensuring that so many of the injustices we face today don’t have to felt by other generations to come. 

      On January 24, 2018 Larry Nassar was sentenced to 175 years in prison  by Judge Aquilina. January 24, 2018 is a day I will never forget. A day that survivors will never forget. Those that were personally affected by Mr. Nassar but also survivors in general. What a historic day for our justice system. The Nassar case set a precedent for our justice system. It shows how we handle cases regarding sexual abuse, assault, and harassment. I used my social platform, Instagram to post a picture as well as share my thoughts with my followers.

 Your Voice Is POWERFUL 

The victim impact statements were so powerful and an outlet for healing. I thought it was such an essential part of the trial. Without the women’s stories, tears, emotions it would have been a very different trial. “Leave your pain here, Judge Aquilina told one young lady, “and go out and do your magnificent things.” Those words resonated with me because that night, I left my pain in that dorm room. I decided that I wouldn’t let that experience change me. I left my fears there and being naive to thinking everyone was how you picture them to be. Some people wear masks and it’s hard to distinguish that sometimes. It’s never your fault but the person who decided to think it was okay to prey on an innocent person. Never forget that.

  I  think what we can all take away something from this case and the #MeToo movement and that is this isn’t the end of the conversation. Those who have experienced this, we’re here to say we won’t just stand there in silence anymore. Some may say that this is just a hashtag but it is far more than that. It is a constant reminder that  unfortunately this happens far more than it should. With this hashtag we are all saying we have the power to change the world and in time, we will because Time’s Up! There’s so much strength in you and me. I Matter, You Matter, We Matter. Always remember change comes when we stand together.  

If you or someone you know has been a victim of Sexual Assault and you want to talk about it, call  the National Sexual Assault Hotline. 


Talk soon.

Love You Owlways,

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