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I think it’s safe to say that we all our slightly addicted to our smartphones. I found that  most of my spare time is centered around creating Instagram/ Snapchat stories instead of doing things more productive like writing, exercising, and working. Leave a comment below if your guilty of doing the same thing.

Recently, I discovered these new apps and I am currently loving the new addition to my phone! These apps may be new to me an old to you and that’s okay. However, some of you may have never even heard of them before. The best part about these apps is they are either super productive, encouraging, or can fulfill your cravings. How cool is that? Ok, let’s get right into it.



“Soon, all these tiny habits will sum up to create the new, Fabulous You.”

I am currently obsessing over this app and it has become one of my favorite. I think the name of the app fits perfect because it indeed wants to make you fabulous. What this app basically does is create a new you.  It does this by making you create habits in your daily life that will eventually lead you to meeting the future you. If that’s not the coolest thing ever I don’t know what is. The app is broken up into three different rituals and within those rituals are habits. Here’s a snapshot of some of my rituals and feel free to steal them and make them your own! ☺️

Morning Ritual

Its important to wake up at the same time every day because it creates a routine for your body. Unfortunately, my wake up times have never been consistent. With that being said I set a daily alarm for 7:30AM and created four habits to do for the morning. To complete all the habits it takes about twenty four minutes in total.

Afternoon Ritual

Usually in the afternoon I found my body becomes tired. To  recharge I go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for that afternoon boost. I wanted to stop drinking coffee and find new ways to recharge. So I created these habits to help with that.


Night Ritual

At night, I am super forgetful when it comes to a lot of things. I forget to take my medication, cleanse my face with Curology, study for certain classes, etc.  When I come to my apartment after a long day I’m just ready for bed and could care less about doing anything else. So far these habits have helped me remember the things that are most important before going to bed.

You see, this is not just any app. There are so many ways this app wants to make you a better version of yourself and that is so amazing to me. I challenge you to download the app and see if it works for you as much as it has for me.

Out of Milk

      Have you ever gone to the supermarket in hopes of buying one thing and once you get there you buy everything but that one item? Yeah, me too. This is why Out of Milk is so important to have on your phone. Whenever you run out of something you can create a shopping list. You’ll never go to the store again and forget bananas for your smoothie bowls again.



This app pays you to sweat! Yes, you read that correctly. You can also earn cool prizes with the Sweatcoins you receive.

So what is Sweatcoin? Just like Bitcoin, it  is a digital currency that allows you to purchase things like a Delta plane tickets,  PayPal gift cards, and even a iPhone X! Sweatcoin tracks your daily steps but don’t force close the app because it won’t calculate your steps. Which means later on they will not be able to turn them into Sweatcoins and no one wants that to happen.


Uber Eats

   “Aren’t you glad you stayed in?” 

Did someone say food? You can order food from the comfort of your bed and never have to move until the delivery is outside. If your familiar with Uber then Uber Eats is the same exact thing just with food.  This app is perfect for a snow day and you literally can’t move. Over winter break I used Uber Eats a lot and no I am not regretting. You can order food from McDonalds, Applebees, IHop, and even Diners.Pretty much any food you crave can be satisfied in a matter of a few clicks.

To encourage you all to sign up I’m giving you $10.00 off your first order! Making your first Uber Eats  free depending on what you order. Sound good?


Use my code 👉🏾 eats-alexism8152ue

Hopefully you will find these apps helpful! They have been a serious game changer in my own life and I can only hope they will be for you.

Talk soon.

Love You Owlways,

           None of the above applications sponsored this post. These are 100% my own opinions.


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