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       Lately, I’ve been thinking about how fast time travels and how quick life moves. One day you’re sitting in a classroom filled with other little kids learning your ABC’s and then suddenly here you are getting a bachelor degree in college.  I think we all fall in this trap of wanting to be older when we are little. We create all these visions in our head about what adulthood is like. I always thought that being an adult was the coolest thing in the world when I was younger. Yet, here I am twenty years old and freaking out. Wanting and wishing I was two again. College is hard. Life is hard. It only gets harder.

“The years between eighteen and twenty-eight are the hardest psychologically. It’s then you realize this is make or break, you no longer have an excuse of youth, and its time to become an adult-but you are not ready.”- Helen Mirren  


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           The time has finally come and I can now say I am no longer a teenager. On May 6,  I turned twenty and to be completely honest this was by far one of the most important birthdays for me. Before I talk about how life will be now that I’m twenty…  I wanted to reflect on being “9-teen”.  

       The age of nineteen brought both good and bad things into my life. Whether that be people or opportunities that were either meant for me or weren’t I learned… A LOT. Both about myself and life I wanted for myself. When I was nineteen, I was able to find something in myself that I never knew I had which was, of course, this lovely blog. Being a blogger has opened doors for me and created opportunities that I could have ever imagined happening. Throughout my blogging journey, I have met and worked with such amazing people. It truly makes me so happy that I created Alexis Hoots. This blog has become a part of who I am today. Without it, I don’t what I would be doing with my free time.
    Being 20 comes with a lot of responsibilities and of course, I am scared. This is such a pivotal point in my life and what I do now ultimately shapes my future. There is always this ticking clock in my head when it comes to life because I  know how fast time moves. In more ways than not time is such a tricky thing because it moves so fast without us being able to stop it. We get so wrapped up in our lives we don’t really stop to think about things like this. 

       I have been on this earth for 20 YEARS!!!! It definitely is a blessing nonetheless.  This year, I just wish for more growth within myself and the blog. I want all my friends and family to continue to support my dreams, visions, and just be there for me once again.  Below I wrote 20 life lessons that I have found helpful and I hope you do too! 🙂 

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  1. Celebrate the little victories in life.
  2. Always forgive not for them but for you. 
  3.  Just because people make mistakes doesn’t mean their terrible people. 
  4. Anything is possible with faith, support, and hard work. 
  5. Things will change almost 99.9% of the time whether that be people, feelings, your job, school, etc. Learn to accept it. 
  6. Never take anything personally. 
  7. Everyone doesn’t have to like you as long as you like.. LOVE yourself! 
  8. Never let your past problems consume you. Fully grasp the art of letting go. Read more here: The Art of Letting Go
  9. Learn to appreciate the little things. I.e:  Random Acts of Kindness from others 
  10. The hardships we go through and later overcome are a direct reflection of how strong we are as people! 
  11. When the going gets extremely tough make it your mission to become tougher. 
  12. Network and then network some more. Build relationships with people both socially and professionally.
  13. Sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know. 
  14. Never forget you are worthy of all things great! I.e. Love, happiness, etc. 
  15.  A nap can cure just about anything.
  16.  Never seek revenge on anyone it will always backfire.
  17.  Just because someone hurt you in your past relationship doesn’t mean you have to love your new S.O any less. Always give 100%!
  18. Be the best version of yourself every single day. 
  19. Always be kind to others. You never know what a person is going through. 
  20.  Relationships are good but can also be very bad. Never lose yourself trying to please your partner. 

In the comments, tell me how you like to spend your birthday and what life lesson you loved the most! 

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